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Pornhub ejaculation map
The Pornhub map showing the superior staying power of the Chinese

Pornhub has drawn a world map showing who comes quickest

How quickly does your country ejaculate?

There are thousands of questionable stereotypes surrounding sex and how certain countries do it: Englishmen are lousy lovers, French make passionate ones and Italians are horny to the point of hysteria. But who shoots their load fastest? To answer that question, Pornhub has just released data that lends a user insight into which countries contain the most eager beavers.

Pornhub looked at engagement statistics to create the infographic map, theorising that you wouldn't stay on the one-stop porn site for long once you'd finished yourself off. Using all the data accumulated during autumn of this year, it found out which countries stick around for the longest. The quickest off the mark? Iraqis clock in with an average of 5min 30secs, the lowest time recorded anywhere in the world. 

However, the mighty Togolese spend an average of 15min 3secs on the site. In fact, African countries appear to have the greatest staying power, all racking up average "scores" of in and around 12 or 13 minutes. Porn lovers in Western Sahara, a disputed territory in North Africa, spend an average of 16 minutes on the site. China also sits near the top of the table too.

UK readers, you won't be surprised to find out that we are painfully average, sat more or less right in the middle - we spend around 9mins 28secs on Pornhub before logging off to continue complaining about cereal cafes or something.

Pornhub has homed in on cities too, meaning that you can check in with some regional pride. Let's face it, there's not an awful lot going on in Salisbury, you might as well be able to say "actually, we hold our load longer than Liverpool and Belfast by about ten seconds". But that's nothing compared to London: people here clock in above the national average, taking about 9mins 39secs to get off. Congrats, I guess? 

Take a look at the map here and see how your country ranks in the ejaculation league.