Snakes on a pav'

Putting the serpent in Serpentine, with the trailer for George Henry Longly's pavilion show

George Henry Longly has always been a stickler for the snake motif, and his new work is certainly no exception. The sensory trailer presents a marble structure, punctured with perforations and set amidst a heaving dramatic score by composer John Hannon. But particularly striking, is the multitude of glossy reptiles meandering, and erectly coiled in the eyelet-punctured panel. In this instance, the sculpture is literally brought ‘to life’ as the crescendo rolls and close-ups of ebony forked-tongues and scaled forms tighten around the composition.

Longly explains, “In this film, the snakes stand in for the cultural products that I embed into my sculptures.” Visceral and threatening, it is in advance of Longly’s specially-commissioned performance, part of the Park Night’s series held at Sou Fujimoto's latticed Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. Art is come alive.

Longly's Park Nights performance will take place in the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013 on 20 September 2013.