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Hung & Drawn: art news

This week's art new from Amy Knight: Video essays from Lil B on Facebook, Mousse's new online offshoot and 'Bespoke Spiritual Events Planning'


Artist duo Antoine Aillot and Marvin De Deus Ganhitas have once again merged their talents to create US, a 20-page glossy publication in a limited edition of 50 that promises to 'take you on a three dimensional roller coaster'. Featuring an A3 poster by fellow Paris-based artist Guillaume Hugon, who completes the trio behind VJ collaborative Golgotha, it will be worth getting your hands on one of the remaining few copies before they disappear.

EXHIBITION OF THE WEEK: Constant Dullaart, Crystal Pillars at

Netherlands-born artist Constant Dullaart is showcasing his recent video essay on online gallery Crystal Pillars reflects upon the pervasive presence of Facebook in contemporary culture and its deepening effect on our understanding of personal identity. Texts by an array of authors including Mark Zuckerberg, Lil B, Christopher Poole, Henna Hyvärinen and the artist himself, as well as the Facebook Terms of Service, are read by a single narrator whose fallible humanness seeps through in a series of stumbles and errors, to the visual backdrop of footage taken by Dullaart of his real-life social encounters. The film comes after the artist's public abandonment of the social media site in a performance last year, in which he gave away the password to his Facebook account.

PROJECT OF THE WEEK: Year of the Water Snake

Year of the Water Snake is a new project by beguiling artist duo Sarah Hartnett and Emily Jones. It follows Year of the Hare, an experiment in 'Bespoke Spiritual Events Planning', in which mysticism and commodification converge through symbols of health and wellbeing. Its web counterpart displays Google Earth shots of vast expanses of earth and sea alongside records of events with mysterious titles such as 'Renewal on Dreamhost' and 'Vernal Equinox', featuring 'euphoric and experimental live trance' and 'crystal healing'. Both sites, dedicated to different sets of physical and web-based work, display ritualistically presented objects that equate new synthetic technologies with natural artefacts.


The creators of influential art magazine Mousse present Vdrome, a new online platform that focuses on the point where cinema and contemporary art meet. Offering up high quality screenings of videos directed by international filmmakers and visual artists, the format mirrors traditional cinema with time-limited screenings - without the need to leave the house. Currently on show is Ben Rivers' acclaimed Slow Action, a science fiction film about future island utopias made in 2010.

OPENING OF THE WEEK: Parker Ito, Parker Cheeto: The Net Artist (America Online Made Me Hardcore) at IMO

Copenhagen gallery IMO - an artist-run space located in a capacious garage - is opening its doors on 15 March for a new exhibition by ubiquitous internet-based artist Parker Ito. It is set to include 28 paintings and a video piece titled 'America Online Made Me Hardcore', documenting one and a half years of the artist and former Paint FX-er's life with other 'YIBAs (Young Internet Based Artists)', as Ito refers to them, through a digital point-and-shoot camera.