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The most-clicked columns of the year

Pinar & Viola: Turkey's Anti-Evolutionist Showgirls

An Islamist fringes wraps its hard anti-Darwin message in skin-tight Versace, drag-queen make-up and po-mo posing

The Bleeding Edge: Everyday Extremes

How Japan's youth cults lead the world in fashion-forward purchasing

Dark Matter: How To Resurrect A Woolly Mammoth

The Japanese scientist that wants to make elephants give birth to their 10,000 year old cousins and make extinction extinct

Full Frontal: Ed Templeton On Taboos 

In the first column on porn, sex and art's intersections, Isabella Burley asks how once-shocking photos of teenagers snogging play in the age of streaming smut

Symbolism: Nature By Proxy

Still life? Amy Knight surveys nature painting in the age of GIFs and online art