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Dazed Digital Blogs – editor's highlights

Dazed Digital's commissioning editor on the best of our new section of columns, opinion and reportage

Dazed Digital's newest section is one of your favourites. When we refreshed the old site design, one of the most exciting changes was the total revamp of the Blogs section, turning it into the home of opinion, reportage and outisder voices on Dazed Digital. The idea was simple enough – recruit great voices to send us a monthly report on their end of the outsider culture. So, in a blur, we grabbed 20-odd writers and artists we loved and asked them what they would do with the space. A title, mission statement and three ideas for subjects – our only criteria was that each had to be personal, and tell us something we did not know.

The section as you see it now is the result of these conversations. It's the diversity and texture of these that I love. Staff writer Karen Orton's interest in direct activism lays against Dutch artists Pinar & Viola's musings on digital folklore, fashion journalist Isabella Burley's interest in porn culture is next to publisher Lore Oxford reports on fringe science, Symbol's editor Amy Knight on the new fascinations of art next to our Job Centre correspondent's reflections on the lost generation. On a given week you'd read about Turkish anti-evolutionary showgrls and woolly mammoth-fixated scientists, artists drawing nature from GIFs or actiivists ram-raiding Arcitc oil rigs. Bright sparks in a loud array – it's been a pleasure editing this section, and I'd like to thank all involved for their hard work, and look forward to adding even more voices to the fold. 

It was a new move and we had no way of telling its success, but you lot, with your unfaultable taste and admirable curiosity jumped right in. Over here are the most popular stories but for now, these are my personal favourite pieces you may have missed. 

Symbolism: Hybridity In New Art

Split life and augmented reality in six new art works

Reality Sandwich: End of Daze

When we wake to the next phase of the Mayan calendar tomorrow, can avoid ending the world ourselves?

Activism Now! Arctic action

At global warming’s final frontier, the battle lines are melting

Travel Books: Ami Hsu on Taipei City

For our translation correspondent, meeting a schizophrenic Taiwanese poet-painter over email proves a ballistic insight to her troubled genius

The Seeker: Sandwich Boreds

As our resident Job Centre correspondent finds employment, he reports on the cycles of degradation and anti-union scare tactics in the heart of customer care business