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Got Got Need (2009) Uploaded by Ollie BNTL

East London 2012: Your Memories

Take a trip down memory lane with us as we highlight a few of the best East End memories posted on our timeline so far

Since we launched our 'A Secret History of East London' project a few weeks ago as an extension of the 'Is East London Dead?' debate in Dazed & Confused's May issue, y'all have been posting memories on the timeline like there's no tomorrow. Thanks, but don't stop - there's plenty more to reminisce over!

The timeline maps some of the changes the area has seen over the last 15 years through your memories (events, gigs, expos, parties etc) of all the crazy things you've attended and done. Here's a roundup of what's been happening on the map so far...

Got Got Need (2009) Uploaded by Ollie BNTL - Read our interview with Ollie HERE

"Me and Charly Brady set up a club night called 'Got Got Need' in early 2009 at the Macbeth. The premise of the night was to swap old films you no longer wanted. All people needed to do was turn up with a DVD or VHS and swap with anyone for whatever took their fancy. You could swap as many times as you wanted. There were plenty of rare films so people took the swapping quite serious. It felt like we were trading on the black market. The only rule was all films needed to be legal. We invited some of our friends to DJ and most of these guys have gone on to be successful club owners, promoters or DJs."

Rise Festival (2007) Uploaded by Phoebe James-Collings - Read our interview with Phoebe HERE

"My two cousins came to visit from Jamaica for the first time and we went to Rise festival. There was a famous Jamaican roots singer playing and they went nuts over him. I don't remember his name but he was wearing all white. He looked like a rasta angel."

Fortress Studios | Primal Scream with Kevin Shields (2003) Uploaded by Rod Stanley

"I spent a lot of time wandering around the Fortress Studios in east London in the early 00s (+ possibly the late 90s), losing my marbles to heavy electro at parties such as Rotters Golf Club and later Haywire Sessions, with the likes of Andrew Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood playing mindscramblingly brilliant electro/bass. I particularly liked it before it was done up a bit, and you could slip and slither around up on the rooftiles four floors above the hard, unforgiving pavement, even though it was unspeakably dangerous. I remember one New Year's Eve sitting out there chatting to my new best friend with our legs swinging over the edge, looking at the stars, babbling about space or somesuch… Of course, I have absolutely zero pictures of any of these nights, but I did find a few of Primal Scream playing there one evening – that's Kevin Shields playing guitar with them. It was a blinding gig. I later woke up lying in a puddle."

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