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Dazed & Confused Teenage Takeover

Under-18s get the chance to dictate the content of Dazed and Confused's forthcoming teenage issue

What does it mean to be young and British today?

If you're under 18 and live in the UK, we're giving you the chance to take over our January issue. We’re looking for teenagers who have something to say. Whether you want to be a fashion designer, a writer, a photographer, an MC, or if you simply have no idea what the future holds but have something you want to shout about, we want to hear from you.

Give us an idea for a story that you think will fit into the pages of Dazed. We'll then choose the best, and you will get to call the shots as our team of writers and photographers help you make it.

We’re looking for a personal insight into your way of life. Is there an issue that relates to teenagers that you feel isn’t being addressed properly? Maybe you know someone who has an amazing story to tell. Or maybe you've got one about yourself? Are you part of a scene that people don't know about yet but should? What's being young in the UK today all about?

Get in touch with – try and be as specific as possible (what or who is this going to be about? where? why?) Tell us your name, how old you are, where you live, and a bit about what you do and what you're into. Send us pictures if you feel it will help explain.

Whether your idea ends up making it into the magazine or not, we'll do our best to make sure that something from everyone gets onto Dazed Digital. And who knows what it might all lead to?

Ideas must be in to us no later than Monday October 27.