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Lorna Love

The filmmaker collaborates with Lily Cole’s The North Circular label and The Cult’s Ian Astbury

After shooting shorts for SHOWstudio, McQ and a protest film for the Liberty charity featuring Vivienne Westwood and Josh Homme, up-and-coming director Lorna Love has collaborated with Lily Cole’s ethical knitwear label on an ambitious art-led film entitled “Metamorphosis” that features the model in a stunning, visually arresting film portraying the emergence of beauty from dark times. 

The director is also currently finishing up the epic, five-years-in-the-making music documentary “The Man From UNKLE”, that chronicles the independent British music industry with James Lavelle as well as a documentary with Bedlam Productions (“The King’s Speech”) and Ian Astbury of The Cult. Called “Conquest”, the feature exposes the illegal drug testing and mass sterilisation that went on in Native AIndian reservations in the States.

DD: What were your inspirations for the film? Where did the idea stem from?
Lorna Love:
The inspiration for the film came from my frustrations at the way people perceive the state of the world right now, that everything is screwed and were all pretty fucked. To a certain point this is true, but for me I feel this is a metamorphosis happening, and we are lucky to witness it. Life is changing, we have taken a lot for granted and disconnected from nature and communities and strive for a future based on material gain. For me there is a big change about to happen, the worlds at a point when a shift has to take place and beauty will come from that. 

DD: Can you break down the creative process with when working on the film?
Lorna Love: Katherine from The North Circular approached me about working together on a short film... it didn't take long before the idea came to me. From there we were incredibly lucky to have a crew of people who were willing to drop what they were doing to make it happen. The idea was just the starting point.

DD: Did you always know that you wanted to work with Lily Cole on this vision?
Lorna Love:
Yes, I have known Lily for a long time, and have always wanted to work with her, but it had to be the right project. I am so pleased that we finally had the opportunity as she was in my mind from the start with this project.

DD: What inspires you about The North Circular?
Lorna Love:
Everything! In their magical production process, not one thing ever leaves the country. It’s all produced here, from blades of grass that the sheep eat, spinning, dying, handknitting and even the swing tags they hand make. For me, it is something truly special in the fashion world right now. It’s about uniting communities, looking after your elders (who have so much wisdom to share), high animal welfare standards, supporting the sustainability of the future, one beanie at a time. It is how you can bring fashion up to a more ethical standard and still create something beautiful.