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Hyères 2011

The 26th International Fashion & Photography Festival showcasing a selection of the latest music talent takes place at Villa Noailles this weekend

The Hyères International Fashion & Photography Festival, taking place in the famous artistic haunt of Villa Noailles, in what will be its 26th year, plays stage to a trio of upcoming musicians nestled within the luxurious beauty of the Hyères hills in the south of France. Designed by architect Robert Mallet-Stevens in the 1920s to create the former home of art patron Charles de Noailles and wife Marie-Laure, the 4 day event in collaboration with iconic sportswear brand Fred Perry and art event coordinators Stage of the Art houses the freshly selected talent combining art, fashion, culture and music.

Playing in the Villa Noailles gardens - created by the celebrated Cubist landscape artist Gabriel Guevrekian - Connan Mockasin, The Shoes and Norman Palm will perform for the festival goers whilst Fred Perry inspired ping-pong games go underway. The Shoes are the French duo hailing from Reims playing electronically jazzed up pop from their album 'Crack My Bones'. Connan Mockasin brings his sound of psychedelic twists and turns tinged with dreamy highs whilst Norman Palm performs his playful mix of tracks. Brought together especially for the exclusive event, the Festival will run from 29 April to May 2.