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Hannah Daigle
Hannah Daigle

In pictures: summertime as seen by Dazed Club members

We invited Dazed Clubbers to send photographs evoking their experience of life in summer and here are some of the images that they shared

We put out an open call to the Dazed Club members, inviting them to share their photo stories documenting their experiences of summer. From beaches to skateparks; ecstatic joy and moments of quiet contemplation; covert kissing in doorways and hedonistic house party scenes, the vast range of pictures we received offered such a multiplicity of perspectives. But what emerged from the images is that summer – however fleeting and damp it seemed to be this year – is still the season of pursuing happiness. Now, as we say goodbye to summertime and usher in autumn, we take a look through the photographs we selected to represent the Dazed Club Summer Photos Open Call.

For a closer look, visit the gallery above which features contributions from Dazed Clubbers Ilya Nikitin, Gracie Brackstone, Sophie Myles, Lunga “Steezus” Mthombeni, Yiling Zhao, Iona Edmonds, Cully Wright, Jess Fine, Hannah Daigle, Maria Stetsenko, and Vincent James.

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