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Nur Casadevall, Grey (2022)
Nur Casadevall, Grey (2022), Nike Forward x NownessCourtesy of Nike Forward and Nowness

This film celebrates Nike Forward, the sustainable future of sportswear

Nur Casadevall presents Nike’s futuristic new fabric in this hypnotic short film

Once again leading by example, Nike has revealed their latest innovation, Nike Forward – a groundbreaking new production method and clothing line that promises sustainable technology combined with optimal performance. “Nike Forward feels different because it is different,” explains says Nike’s Carmen Zolman, VP of Innovation Apparel Design. “It is not a traditional knit or woven, but a completely new material that drastically reduces its carbon footprint.”

As a testament to their ongoing Move to Zero commitment (which envisions the brand’s eventual zero carbon and zero waste future), Nike Forward’s futuristic textiles are created with needle-punch technology, reducing steps in the production process and thereby using significantly less energy.

A statement from the brand declares: “Welcome to the world of Nike Forward. Today, it’s a simple hoodie. Tomorrow, it could be anything.” In the spirit of this visionary pledge, a collaboration between Nike and Nowness celebrates a reimagined future of sports and sustainability. Grey, directed by Barcelona-based Nur Casadevall, introduces the inaugural Nike Forward garments against the golden light of the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan.

Dressed in the brand’s signature staples – a grey hoodie and sweatshirt – the film’s protagonist dances with charged, expressive movements to the hypnotic score against the epic backdrop of a solar furnace, while 3D renderings of the innovative fabric create a tactile impression of the material’s special composition. “It’s not sitting back to blend in,” Casadevall reflects. “it’s understanding one’s place in a symbiotic relationship that in turn creates something bigger and more beautiful.”