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Artwork by Justin French

Creative agency New School launches its debut exhibition, Major

The show celebrates community and collaboration, featuring Dazed’s own IB Kamara, Gareth Wrighton, and more

The London-based creative agency New School has spawned some of the last year’s most iconic fashion moments. Look no further than the viral Dazed covers that propelled it to global fame, featuring Harry Styles astride a motorcycle, and (who could forget?) Rihanna dressed up as a giant joint.

This week (October 11), New School is set to open up its debut exhibition at its central London base, 180 Studios. Titled Major, the celebration of the agency’s community will showcase work by Dazed editor-in-chief IB Kamara (for Raw Materials), Gareth Wrighton, Justin French, Joseph Lokko, and Imruh Asha.

Also included in the exhibition are artworks by a range of the agency’s members and collaborators, including Flavio Tarquini, Campbell Addy, Mobolaji Dawodu, Jawara Alleyne, Samuel Overs, Ibby Njoya, Tom Schneider, Lydia Chan, Yagamoto, Malick Bodian, Axel Drury, Samuel de Saboia, Ester Mejibovski, and Bior Elliott.

Major will open to the public at 180 Studios on Tuesday, October 11. Take a closer look at some of the featured artworks in the gallery above.