Watch: how six-year-old Nepalese photographer Tenzing shot a Dazed cover

In an exclusive video, the budding photographer stages a Dazed cover shoot in his Himalayan hometown

At just six years old, Tenzing doesn’t seem much bigger than the camera he holds around his neck, but that didn’t stop him from making history this year when he became the youngest photographer to shoot for Dazed. 

Living in a remote Himalayan village, Tenzing was one of 100 kids who appeared on Apple TV+’s Becoming You, a nine-part series about how a child’s first 2,000 days shape the rest of their lives. Appearing as a three-year-old in the 2020 show, he already displayed an “intense fascination” with taking photographs.

As shown in a new video that documents Tenzing’s groundbreaking shoot, Dazed fashion director Imruh Asha travelled to Nepal after watching the documentary and dreaming of working with Tenzing. After some initial trepidation, the budding photographer found confidence behind the lens like a “tornado”, directing other kids as they played dress-up in clothes from AZ Factory, Moschino, and Dingyun Zhang.

“How I would describe Tenzing? A very stubborn young boy,” laughs Imruh. “He does his own thing. There’s no way to direct him… But so happy and proud when he holds the camera, and when he does something that he loves.”

Watch Tenzing turn his village into a photoshoot above, and read about his contribution to the spring 2022 issue of Dazed here.