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Paris Hilton Banksy album
Courtesy of TateWard

Paris Hilton wants Banksy’s fake Paris Hilton CD

The artist’s reimagining of Hilton’s 2006 debut album has sold at auction for £8,750

Back in 2006, Banksy released hundreds of fake copies of Paris Hilton’s first album, Paris, complete with fake tracks like “Why Am I Famous?” and “What Have I Done?”, with remixes by DJ Danger Mouse. Now, the fated CD has hit the auction block, and Paris wants a slice.

Speaking in a recent interview with Bustle, Hilton said: “Banksy is an iconic artist and I thought it was really cool that he would take that time to go and get 500 of my albums and do that to them.”

She added: “I’ve actually been trying to buy one. I’m trying to wait for another one (to become available) because they’re very limited edition. But I thought it was awesome that he did that.”

Banksy’s spoof CDs became highly coveted after he planted them in various record stores across the UK. The single copy was placed on auction via TateWard Auctions and sold yesterday for £8,750. Although the buyer is currently unknown, here’s hoping that Paris had her finger on the trigger.

Since the release of her documentary, titled This is Paris, last month, the OG influencer has been fronting a series of protests outside her former school for ‘troubled teens’, where she suffered mental and physical abuse by staff, who she says beat her, kept her in solitary confinement, watched her shower, and forced her to take unidentified pills.

Still, Paris seems to be thriving, with tomorrow marking her return to music with single, “I Blame You”, a collaboration with producer Lodato. Check out the artwork below.