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The story of Tracey Emin’s bed is being turned into a comedy
Via Europe a la Carte on Flickr

The story of Tracey Emin’s bed is being turned into a comedy

In Bed with Tracey Emin will be one-off surreal special exploring how the artist created her iconic work

In 1998, Tracey Emin created her infamous art installation, “My Bed”, which represented her most miserable post-breakup episode. Now, this emblematic work is to be revisited again, surprisingly via comedy.

According to Deadline, the story of the artwork’s creation will be turned into a one-off TV special, called In Bed with Tracey Emin. The comedy-drama – directed by James De Frond – will focus on the period that inspired Emin’s installation and her process of creating the piece, and is set to star Morgana Robinson as Emin.

Despite being shortlisted for the Turner Prize, “My Bed” caused enormous media controversy. Even now, after almost 22 years, Emin’s very personal installation is still known as one of the most provocative pieces in Britain’s art world. Her work displayed an unmade, stained bed with vodka bottles, cigarettes, and used condoms scattered around it. The piece represented the four days she spent in bed after a break-up, spiralling into despair and depression.

In Bed with Tracey Emin will air on Sky as part of Urban Myths, a series that features ambiguous stories from the history of pop culture, such as Princess Diana’s night out with Freddie Mercury.

Filming for the show starts in December and will air on Sky Arts in 2020. In the meantime, you can read Dazed’s guide to Tracey Emin in preparation.