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New Banksy in Port Talbot

A new Banksy has seemingly appeared in Wales

Update: the elusive artist has now confirmed the work is his

Banksy has apparently struck again in the Welsh town of Port Talbot. The freshly painted image appears on two sides of a backstreet garage in the Taibach area of town. It shows a child enjoying what appears to be falling snow; if you look at the painting from the opposite side, it’s revealed to actually be falling ash from a fire.

The artwork has attracted groups of people ever since it appeared. Speaking to the BBC, Ian Lewis, the owner of the garage, has said, “I am very pleased, I think it is a smashing bit of artwork. It is good for the town and I just want to protect it, it is here for everybody.” A fence is currently being constructed around the work, with Lewis and the Neath Port Talbot council working together to protect it.

Banksy is thought to be the mastermind behind the graffiti because of its style and political message, with Banksy enthusiast, Craig Williams, and the Port Talbot authorities supposing it’s him. The work also bears a striking resemblance to a sketch that appeared in the 2017 film, The Alternativity, with Danny Boyle and Banksy, as they collaborated on an alternative ‘nativity’ play (see below).

Update, 16:31pm December 19: Banksy has now confirmed on Instagram that the artwork is his.