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Sarah Bahbah shot a photo essay with the internet’s crush Noah Centineo

To all the IG thirst traps I’ve liked before

Sarah Bahbah is one of our favourite photographers right now. Noah Centineo, love interest of Netflix rom com To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, is one of our biggest crushes right now. Put those two people together, and what do you get? Impeccably artful thirst traps. 

After a frutiful Instagram DM slide, as Bahbah told Teen Vogue, the photographer and actor met for coffee on September 14, and wound up shooting this photo essay two days later. Bahbah shared the first section of it on her Instagram last night, September 20. Titled Dear Love, the series is a softly lit, poignantly captioned, entirely shirtless portrait of longing. 

Earlier this year, Dazed spoke to the Palestine-born, Australia-raised photographer about her process. “Transparency and indulgence are my two major themes,” she told us then. “I want to be true to expressing my emotions and my feelings and my thoughts and my desires, and I want to be true to my desires to have indulgent moments. When I’m creating the work that I do, that’s my sole focus, and that directly or indirectly hopefully empowers other females to do the same. It’s really important to me to make sure I’m constantly pushing myself to be the most honest, real person, and to be true to my emotions. I hope it encourages others to do the same.”

See the first part of the photo essay below.