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Indonesian museum called out for ripping off Yayoi Kusama and other artists

Rabbit Town is trying to become a selfie destination with works that mirror some pretty big pieces of art

A new tourist attraction in Indonesia trying to make it big as a spot for art selfies has been exposed for copying the works of major contemporary artists.

Rabbit Town, a self-styled “selfie tourism” spot with art, amusements, and rabbits, as Artnet reports, has produced huge installations that echo the work of Yayoi Kusama and Chris Burden, as well as the Museum of Ice Cream.

One of its biggest features is “Love Light”, quite blatantly mirrors Chris Burden’s famous sculpture “Urban Lights” – the real deal is in Los Angeles at the LA County Museum of Art. Another Rabbit Town attraction is “Patrico Sticker”, which asks visitors to cover the white room in multicoloured stickers. Basically, a copy of Yayoi Kusama’s “The Obliteration Room”. Then there’s the Museum of Ice Cream, which mirrors the originally-named exhibition, and a mural of wings that looks like Colette Miller’s “Angel Wings” project.

According to Hyperallergic, Rabbit Town is owned by Indonesian developer Henry Husada and opened its doors in Badung for the first time in January.

It was Instagram account @dietprada that was one of the first outlets to criticise the museum. “Hey … it’s cool you wanna bring some LA flavor to Indonesia, but blocking the people tagging @lacma in the comments doesn’t really go with chill West coast vibes… Chris Burden’s ‘Urban Lights’ installation is pretty iconic lol.”

Rabbit Town’s 18k follower Instagram account has disabled its comment section, where users had been calling out the copies.