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Adobe, by Bex Day
Alyha Love, Berlin, 25 – came out aged 18Courtesy of Bex Day and Adobe

Adobe updates its stock bank to include photos of UK’s trans community

Photographer Bex Day has created a collection of untouched photographs that push the representation of the UK’s trans community forward

While transgender communities are undoubtedly gaining visibility, there is still a lot more work to do in order to push representation into a wider, more mainstream culture. Misrepresentation, underrepresentation, or even a complete absence of either, are all systemic issues affecting huge numbers of people. While some choose to do sit quiet, others use their artistry to effect change.

For Trans Day of Visibility on March 31, Adobe Stock has partnered with photographer Bex Day to shoot a collection of images that celebrate the UK’s trans community. By casting trans models from towns such as Shropshire and Essex, Day’s series focuses on ten people, each varying in nationality, age and background.

Day said, “As the world is evolving at a rapid rate, it’s important that stock (photography) contributors continue to document current affairs, especially those that can make a difference.”

The images created by Day will be available on the Adobe Stock library from March 31. Read more about the models here