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There’s a museum dedicated to selfies now

Because you ARE art

If you think selfies are low brow then you’re wrong and you’re a snob. The Museum of Selfies will give serious weight to the art form of self-photography.

Described as “an interactive museum”, the LA pop-up exhibition will discuss practices stretching back 40,000 years – from cave portraits to selfie-related deaths, promising to change the way you view the widely discussed trend.  

It’s set to run from April 1 to May 31, and the exhibit will also feature backdrops for those who’ve come to fully embed themselves in the culture. “To fully understand the origin of the selfie, the museum offers an educational yet playful approach to providing a lens on human history and art through immersive and interactive installations, while poking a little a fun at itself and human nature,” the museum said in a recent statement.

“From cavemen drawings to a ‘Narcissist’ installation to a vertigo-inducing rooftop selfie illusion, the museum touches on a variety of points in human history that examines the intention of the selfie and what it means to the artist and its viewers. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of highly-visual, selfie-taking opportunities throughout the exhibit.”

It’s divided into two sections: the first is a timeline of the selfie from the early man to Facebook and mobile phone cameras. “We want to show people all these things had to converge for selfie culture to become a thing,” co-curator Tommy Honton told the Guardian. “If we didn’t have social media, the selfie probably wouldn’t have taken off.”

If you want to visit the place chronicling the phenomenon, you can learn more here.