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Rule Breakers: The Exhibition
Photography Guy Martin

The artists breaking the rules of photojournalism

This new London group exhibition treads a tender line between fact and fiction

Coinciding with the release of Huck’s annual Documentary Photography Special, tonight will see the launch of Rule Breakers: The Exhibition, a group exhibition celebrating the new generation of photographers that tread the tender line between fact and fiction. These photographers, whose work transcends photojournalism, identify as artists that move beyond the term ‘documentarian’.

Featuring Laura El-Tantawy and Todd Hido, amongst others, each artist shares the compulsion to push narrative boundaries in new ways in order to tell a deeper story. For example, Lisette Poole spent 51 days bravely documenting the journey of two Cuban women migrating to the US, intertwining her life with her subjects’. Also, Guy Martin, who, following his injury in a mortar attack in Libya, has turned his hand to documenting the warped reality of Turkish soap operas that act as a strange mirror of the country’s political turmoil.

By freeing themselves from the rules of photojournalism, these artists are finding new ways to tell our most important global stories. 

Rule Breakers: The Exhibition runs from November 9-24 at 71a London, EC2A 4QS