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Cool 3D World is spilling over to our realm this Halloween

This Halloween weekend the artists are debuting interactive and horrifying installations IRL for no other reason than to terrify you

Not content with disturbing you in your own home, Cool 3D world have teamed up with Giphy Arts to scare you IRL. Ghoul 3D World is a spookier take on the already creepy and surreal animated shorts – although it is hard to understand how that is actually possible given the fact that the videos are usually horrific.

Take ‘We Will Rock You’ as an example. There’s a hoard of nude rock men stamping and clapping to the memorable Queen beat to summon their soulful singing God. Then worlds intertwine and each one is more sinister than the last – a goo-filled pot drizzles its contents onto a green man’s foot which encourages the growth of a tree. An alien holds a fan and that fan is used to hypnotise a fat man. Contorted faces grimace as they stamp and clap and torment a tortured soul. None of it makes any sense.

The duo behind the channel, Brian Tessler and Jon Baken, has collaborated with Giphy Arts and Future Space, which is a collective of artists, designers, and fabricators that build large-scale interactive installations. Their 13,000 sq ft warehouse in Bushwick, Brooklyn will be home to the most modern interactive haunted house the art world has seen. We caught up with the pair to see what we can expect:

Why did you decide to insert the surreal ‘Cool 3D world’ realm to our already dire reality?

Cool 3D World: We’ve been trying to think of ways to break out of our comfort zone with social media and expand into larger-scale works via physical projects. We have some friends that we’ve been talking about collaborating with for a long time and its finally coming to fruition for this event.

How does your Halloween project differ from your standard Cool 3D shorts?

Cool 3D World: The space will feature synced projections on three walls which will allow us to project huge, panoramic renders that you’d normally only be able to fully explore in a 360 video. We’ve also done a great deal of loop-oriented visuals for the evening to get more mileage out of a single render. On top of that, we’re able to explore visuals that are less restricted by censorship on social media. 

Some of the things we’ll have will include things like wrap-around panoramic projections, a 40" explorable inflatable tube, 3D model puppetry via skeleton tracking, a wireless camera feeds back to the projection system and interactive flexible projection screens with flesh simulations you can push your whole body into it. Oh and massages performed by mole rats.

“You’ll feel fear, joy, sadness, fun – a completely overwhelming feeling where there will always be something crazy to look at or experience” – Cool 3D World

Ew. So how will your musical background influence this art installation?

Cool 3D World: We’ve created a few pieces that will take full advantage of the ambisonic 3D sound system. You’ll be able to hear screaming and synths circling around you in every direction. There’s always a strong musical influence in all of the work we make, and that will definitely be present in the event.

What do you want visitors to feel while walking through Ghoul 3D World?

Cool 3D World: You’ll feel fear, joy, sadness, fun – a completely overwhelming feeling where there will always be something crazy to look at or experience.

You’ve promised to ‘toy with the expectations and identities of all who attend’. How?

Cool 3D World: It’s definitely going to be different than other Halloween events and we have plans for audience participation at times as well. It's not just going to be a glorified DJ set or something like you’d get from a “traditional” Halloween party.

Do you think it's important for organisations like Giphy and artists like you to host events like this to establish digital art as an equal art form to photography or painting? 

Cool 3D World: Absolutely. This is a really fun opportunity to make an event that takes advantage of new technology while still satisfying the traditional aspects of an art show. 

Can we expect more IRL GIF events from you?

Cool 3D World: We’re very much interested in more installations and gallery type events. 

Ghoul 3D World can be seen at Future Space on October 27-28, find out more here