Anish Kapoor

Barbie (2023)
Art & PhotographyAn artist has created the world’s ‘Barbiest pink’ to protest Mattel
PJ Harvey, Seamus Murphy
MusicPJ Harvey and Nick Cave urge the UK government to support the arts
Anish Kapoor, Vantablack
Art & PhotographyAnish Kapoor is finally set to reveal his first Vantablack sculptures
Anish Kapoor protests BP National Portrait Gallery links
Art & PhotographyArtists demand that the National Portrait Gallery breaks with BP
Anish Kapoor crayon art Calais Jungle
Art & PhotographyAnish Kapoor is using crayons from the Calais migrant camp to help refugees
anish kapoor descent into limbo serralves museum fall
Art & PhotographyA man has fallen into an Anish Kapoor artwork and ended up in hospital
Art & PhotographyIntroducing the new blackest paint in the world
Stuart Semple
Arts+CultureAnish Kapoor now banned from using colour-changing paints
Black is such a happy colour
Arts+CultureHow the world’s blackest black is getting blacker
Arts+CultureArtist takes on Anish Kapoor with ‘Better Black’ paint
Ai Weiwei and Anish Kapoor walked through London 2015
Arts+CultureAnish Kapoor pledges $1m prize money to refugee crisis
anish kapoor - I like America and America doesnt l
Arts+CultureAnish Kapoor remakes piece into anti-Trump art
Anish Kapoor
Arts+CultureAnish Kapoor retaliates by acquiring ‘pinkest’ pink
Arts+CultureAnish Kapoor now banned from the world’s glitteriest glitter
Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 12.58.57
Arts+CultureAnish Kapoor banned from using the world’s ‘pinkest’ paint
anish kapoor
Arts+CultureAnish Kapoor’s ‘vagina’ covered in antisemitic graffiti
Courtesy Anish Kapoor (@dirty_corner)
Arts+CultureAnish Kapoor really, really likes dirty corners
Anish Kapoor
Arts+CultureVersailles ‘vagina’ statue dividing opinion
Arts+CultureAnish Kapoor is set to work with Vantablack
FashionAnish Kapoor's B.zero1