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GMBH Dazed 100
Photography Benjamin Huseby

The nostalgia-fuelled, techno-mad design label began life on the dancefloors of Berlin

AgesSerhat 35, Benjamin 42
LocationBerlin, Germany

Conceived on the dancefloors of Berlin’s notorious nightclubs, GmbH is the emerging brand bringing techno to fashion. Borrowing its name from the German way of saying limited company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung), GmbH was founded last year by photographer and Dazed contributor Benjamin Alexander Huseby and menswear designer Serhat Isik. Between them, they have succeeded in translating the spirit and style of the German capital’s nightlife scene into clothes. Sustainable fashion, but actually fashionable, these garments are made in part from deadstock and recycled materials. “Ethical fashion is almost considered a bit uncool, or unsexy – you know? But for us it’s important,” said Huseby in a recent Dazed interview.

January saw the label put on its first presentation at Paris Fashion Week. The collection represented a collage of the designers’ “personal interests, obsessions and fetishes”, with references to their favourite techno track, Helly Hansen jackets they remember from their childhood and nods to their cultural backgrounds: Norwegian-Pakistani (Huseby) and Turkish-German (Serhat). With multicultural casting and bomber jackets embroidered with the words “Randomly chosen”, the pair were reflecting on how they are perceived as men of colour. “We’re aware of the fact that we’re brown people showing in Paris,” said Huseby. “We’re not presenting a monochrome universe, but one that’s multicultural and multifaceted.”

Ted Stansfield