A$AP Bari

A$AP Bari


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Photography Tom Emmerson

The VLONE designer and A$AP Mob member is schooling the masses in style with plans for pop-ups, a barbershop and other endeavours

LocationNew York, United States

Harlem-born designer and card-carrying member of the A$AP Mob, A$AP Bari – real name Jabari Shelton – launched his streetwear brand VLONE in 2011. Ski masks embroidered with gold prison tears, frayed tops, and patchwork jeans are just some of the items Bari can’t keep in stock.

In February 2017, a single pair of orange and black VLONE x NikeLab Air Force 1s were allegedly being resold on eBay for $90,000. Pop-ups in New Orleans, Texas, and Tokyo were shot through with superfans fighting over scraps of his massively covetable designs, spilling into the streets and surreptitiously creating a movement.

Bari’s education came when he began making trips down to SoHo from Harlem as a teen. He would feel the fabrics of luxury clothing, studying their quality and sowing the seeds for his streetwear empire. He backs up the hype, and his reach has only extended since those AF1s shifted for nearly 100k. VLONE, he says, is a lifestyle brand, with plans to expand into barbershops, schools for kids, and other pop-up ventures. He’s the new king of Harlem as far as the youth are concerned, eager to snap up a piece of VLONE faster than he can dish it out.

Trey Taylor