The Rhythm Method

The Rhythm Method


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The Rhythm Method by Charlie Fegan
Photography Charlie Fegan

The Mike Skinner-inspired pop duo are power housing a cynical scene with their infectious sincerity

AgesJoey 32, Rowan 32
LocationLondon, United Kingdom

The Rhythm Method’s Rowan Martin and Joey Bradbury first started writing songs together while living as property guardians in a central London office block. “We lived there because it was cheap and incredibly located, but it was a strange environment,” Martin told Dazed last year. “We’d spend Friday and Saturday night indoors, watching Graham Norton and eating sweets. We thought we should write some songs instead.”

Their sweet, sincere pop songs are firmly in the tradition of lyrical English pop bands like Prefab Sprout and the Pet Shop Boys, yet they express a very contemporary sense of alienation. “We’re both very sensitive young men,” Bradbury told Dazed. Bradbury’s wry, humorous spoken lyrics are genuinely profound, recalling the poetic musings of The Streets’ Mike Skinner, while Martin’s chintzy sound draws as much from 70s television theme tunes as it does from So Solid Crew-style garage rhythms.

They’ve picked up fans ranging from Elton John to the aforementioned Skinner, who produced their single “Cruel”. “Making good music in the time we live isn’t about making something particularly pioneering,” Bradbury said. “It’s about honesty – it’s the antidote to an insincere culture.”

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