The Lemon Twigs

The Lemon Twigs


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Dazed 100 Lemon Twigs
Photography Fumi Nagasaka, styling John Colver

Brian and Michael D’Addario are the Long Island pin-ups bringing flash and virtuoso flair back to indie rock

AgesBrian 25, Michael 23
LocationNew York, United States

Teeny-bop pretty and clad in some of the most eye-popping vintage threads this side of Ziggy Stardust, NY duo The Lemon Twigs are basically The Band Who Fell to Earth. Their first album, aptly titled Do Hollywood, was a rollercoaster jaunt through gonzo rock’n’roll, baroque pop and prog flashy enough to win fans in Elton John and Christine & The Queens – it’s basically the second half of Abbey Road with an MA in vainglorious overacting from RADA.

“His (musical style) is to-the-point and mine is kind of dancing around the point, (which) is reflective of our personalities, a little bit,” Brian D’Addario told Dazed of younger brother Michael over Taco Bell at a Long Island shopping mall. Together, the pair form the chalk-and-cheese songwriting partnership at the group’s core. “If I’m describing something negative, I’ll describe it with all this positive stuff around it. I wouldn’t want to face it as head-on, for my own sake. But I get there eventually, I would say. Michael can be more direct, I guess, for better or for worse.”

With one precocious debut under their belts before they were even out of their teens, the sky really is the limit for this most otherworldly of bands. Just don’t expect them to dial down the theatrics. “What we do is very much a show… So right now I’m wearing the same stuff I’d wear on stage,” says Brian. Besides, says Michael, “I threw out all his other clothes!”

Alex Denney