Jovan Adepo

Jovan Adepo


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He got his big-screen schooling from a three-time Oscar nominee – now the British-born star is stepping out as an A-lister in his own right

LocationLos Angeles, United States

Actor Jovan Adepo didn’t really find his ‘in’ to Hollywood’s big leagues until he met Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis’s older sister at church in Maryland. But not even he could have guessed she would be the answer to his prayers. Davis’s sister – who is part of Adepo’s “church family” – introduced him to Viola, who gave him a master list of what to study and which plays to see. It set off a domino effect that fast-tracked his career from the handful of short films scribbled on his CV to working with Denzel Washington, whose Oscar-winning drama Fences he starred in with Davis in 2017. “Viola has since become a mentor and strong presence in my life,” Adepo says.

Born in Oxfordshire, Adepo grew up in Maryland and moved to LA to pursue writing. Reversing the cliché, he took acting jobs on the side to boost his income. Soon he discovered that he had a knack for it, tamping down the idea of acting as a side hustle and taking it on full-time.

Now, Adepo is a regular in HBO’s series The Leftovers, and is set to appear in Darren Aronofsky’s Mother!, a ‘psycho-sexual’ horror shrouded in mystery and starring the biggest names in the biz – the ranks of which Adepo will surely be joining before long.

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