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Betsy Dazed 100
Betsy wears vest by Calvin Klein JeansPhotography Campbell Addy, styling Elizabeth Fraser-Bell

The glamourous Welsh singer walked out on Balenciaga to pursue her musical ambitions on her parents’ goose farm

LocationLondon, United Kingdom

Welsh native Betsy traded her family’s backwoods goose farm for Central Saint Martins, leaving her degree in womenswear design to rise through the ranks at Balenciaga – until she gave it all up to to pursue music, moving into her brother’s trailer.

Her origin story is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, her venue-filling boom a little bit Cher (seriously), and she’s often confused in photos with Gwen Stefani. But Betsy has established a commanding presence all her own with her impressive first run of singles. Her debut album, due out this year, looks set to cement her diva credentials.

As a statuesque blonde never seen without her signature red lipstick, Betsy is an undeniable presence with a suggestive coyness that’s only undermined by her candour. She also doesn’t mind baring it all. When she feels most free, “I start taking my clothes off and propositioning people,” she says. “It all gets a bit 1965.”

That might be the public persona, but in private she’s “dancing in the early hours of the morning in my kitchen to 70s disco with friends I’ve known since I was a child – friends who, no matter how much of a tit you make of yourself, just laugh and rip the piss.” 

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