Pimp Flaco & Kinder Malo

Pimp Flaco & Kinder Malo


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Pimp Flaco & Kinder Malo
Photography by Leon Santana

Flamenco influences and freaky shapes: Europe’s coolest trap duo have a knack for going viral

AgesPimp Flaco 27, Kinder Malo 32
LocationBarcelona, Spain

This Spanish trap duo had an unprecedented year of success after teaming up to produce their massive YouTube hit “Chemtrails”. In their video for digital music mag COLORS BERLIN, their rough and ready vocals are juxtaposed with a bubblegum pink sport aesthetic, but other collaborations, like “Apel” with Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, see the pair getting unashamedly weird on camera.

With claims that their sound takes influences from both American hip hop and flamenco, there’s no doubting that both Flaco and Malo know what they’re doing – they’ve sidestepped classic industry approaches to find their market through the internet and social media.

Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff