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A bootstrapping creative with a cult-like following, free-thinking singer and producer London O’Connor once tweeted his mobile number to his fans

LocationNew York, United States

Since leaving home at the age of 18, Californian rapper, singer and producer London O’Connor has lived much of his life out of a backpack. With a head full of thick dreadlocks and a brain bursting with existential ideas about freedom and space science, his hyperreal authenticity bleeds out in random text conversations with fans – he once tweeted out his mobile phone number to his followers. He now swaps iMessages with people from all over the world.

His debut album O∆, which was self-released on SoundCloud in 2015 and re-released via independent label True Panther Sounds in February 2017, has gained the approval of contemporaries such as Jaden Smith and Hodgy of Odd Future. The album – buoyed along by O’Connor’s intermittent falsetto, nonchalant flows and dreamy shoegaze production à la M83 – chronicles a single day in his life.

Fans are eagerly waiting O’Connor’s next move. On social media, which he uses sparingly, there is talk of O∆ being a “force” (read: a multi-platform movement). “Words are a really low-res depiction of reality,” he says, suggesting that O∆ really will transcend its album format. “They fuck me up. The word freedom in my head is like your iPhone photo of a sunset. I actually try to not ever think of freedom.”

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