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Stawcrawler Dazed 100
Photography Autumn de Wilde

Starcrawler have yet to drop a debut album, but their frenetic shows and Ozzy-inspired frontwoman have already made them the talk of LA

AgesArrow 23, Austin 27, Henri 21, Tim 25
LocationLos Angeles, United States

Fronted by Arrow de Wilde (the daughter of drummer Aaron Sperske and famed photographer Autumn de Wilde), who likes to perform with fake blood dripping from her mouth, LA rock ‘n’ roll band Starcrawler are becoming well known for their wild, provocative shows. Alongside guitarist Henri Cash, drummer Austin Smith and bassist Tim Franco, de Wilde revels in an Iggy Pop, Ozzy Osbourne-style weirdness.

Raw YouTube footage shows de Wilde performing in a tight white suit, baring her chest, and contorting her petite frame all over the stage. The boys display a similar frenetic energy: “I play every show as if it’s the last show I’ll ever get to play. I play from my heart and every inch of my body every time I pick up an instrument or put a pen to paper,” says guitarist Cash.

De Wilde, Smith and Cash met in school and found Franco through mutual friends. Their debut track, “Ants”, premiered on Apple’s Beats 1 and also got airtime on Elton John’s radio show “Rocket Hour”. At present it’s their only offering – a steady, fun track distinguished by its distorted guitar and de Wilde’s mature vocals, but the band are in the process of recording their first studio album, produced by alt-country band Whiskeytown’s Ryan Adams. In a dance music dominated chart, these fringe rockers aren’t afraid to fuck with the status quo.

Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff