Brianna Capozzi


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Brianna Capozzi Dazed 100
Courtesy of Brianna Capozzi

Bored with conventional fashion imagery, New York photographer Brianna Capozzi makes ordinary settings look out of this world with a unique blend of playful subjects, random objects and unapologetic nudity. Picture a woman on all fours with poodle ornaments stacked on her rear, or a model in an oversized puffer jacket reclining on a deck chair – while her naked companion takes a dip in the pool behind her. This is the world that Capozzi’s muses inhabit. 

With a penchant for photographing women, Capozzi often street-casts her models – but she also works with some high-profile names. In the past, she’s controversially shot Chloë Sevigny nude (but for a strategically-placed lobster) for the cover of Marfa Journal, and captured Hanne Gaby Odiele giving a dead squid a manicure.

For last year’s Dazed 100 issue, Odiele self-styled her own fashion story, which Capozzi photographed. “The pictures feel really spontaneous,” the model said of the shoot, where she is seen with a wine glass clenched between her teeth. Marking her second time in the Dazed 100, Capozzi previously told readers that her plans for 2015 were to “make incredible images that are striking but don’t look overdone.” This year, the photographer enigmatically explains that she has a “special project” up her sleeve – stay tuned for more provocative pictures.

Text Lakeisha Goedluck