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Tye Sheridan for Prada AW15Courtesy of Prada

With nine feature films under his belt and four more to come in 2016, 19-year-old Texan Tye Sheridan is wasting no time. One of the more interesting prospects to come out of Hollywood’s next wave, Sheridan is carving an impressive niche for himself as the modern-day auteur’s teen actor of choice, with the kind of true grit that can handle side-by-side billing with men’s men like Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage. He was inducted in the school of (Terrence) Malick at the tender age of 11, where he was handpicked from a pool of 10,000 boys who auditioned for his role in The Tree of Life. But it was a part in Jeff Nichols’ Mississippi River story Mud that truly marked him as one to watch (despite his breakout moment occurring slap-bang in the middle of the McConaissance). He quite literally kept things similarly down-to-earth in high-octane southern thriller Joe, where he put his rural Texan upbringing to good use by giving Nic Cage tips on how to skin a deer.   

This year, Sheridan graduates to the popcorn blockbuster major league as a young Scott Summers (AKA Cyclops) in X-Men: Apocalypse, a prisoner in the much-hyped The Stanford Prison Experiment, and a young soldier in Iraq war film The Yellow Birds. But it’s his upcoming role as a guilt-ridden teen in indie coming-of-age drama Grass Stains that showcases Sheridan’s determination to tread a subtler path to success. This leftfield individuality has caught the eye of the fashion world already – last year, his memorable death stare landed him a starring role in Prada’s AW15 campaign.

Text Claire Marie Healy