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Photography Laura Lewis

Enchanting teenagers around the world with his wide-eyed vlogs and heartfelt melodies, Troye Sivan has set a new standard for modern-day superstardom. The pop prodigy, who was recently hailed as one of the most influential teens in the world by Time, has managed to secure more than three million doting YouTube followers – all of whom cling desperately to any information on the 20-year-old’s life. “If I feel strongly about a certain issue, I feel as though I can do something about it,” explains Sivan. “I can just turn on my phone and start a campaign. It’s something that I need to keep reminding myself about.”

It’s a formidable power, and one that’s beginning to soar way past the webcam. Since releasing his first full-length album in 2015, Sivan has shifted his dreamy eyes to music – proving himself a soul-shatteringly talented songwriter in the process. “It’s so private,” he says of his lyrics, which dissect his desires, insecurities and struggles with sexuality. “Some of these songs are dark thoughts I don’t even want to talk about with myself, but I’ll write the lyric just to get it out.”

It’s little wonder, then, that other influential figures are starting to take notice of Sivan. Heralded by Taylor Swift as both “WILD” and “AWESOME” (caps locks included), the star also caught the attention of Saint Laurent director Hedi Slimane. “Hedi heard my music and he was into it, so we met for lunch,” remembers Sivan. “Two weeks later, he called me from Paris and asked if I could walk in his show… (It was) terrifying.”

With Swift and Slimane already on side, it seems like the only way is up for Sivan – and 2016 could well be the year he goes supernova.

Text Dominique Sisley