Sky Ferreira


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Sky wears all clothes Givenchy by Riccardo TisciPhotography Collier Schorr, styling Robbie Spencer

Sky Ferreira is a true free spirit. She may have launched her career as a label-moulded teen pop star, but she soon proved to be a force in her own right, and we fell for her twice as hard. Indeed, both shock and delight have come to define Ferreira, whose career has been equal parts creativity and controversy. “I never made an effort to make myself look a little more, like, together,” she says. “People think vulnerability or being sensitive is being weak. (But) maybe I do feel a little ‘extra’ than most people. Maybe I am a bit more intense.”

Her music, a shimmering collection of black-hearted alt-pop gems, often spills over the parameters of what’s expected. “Maybe if you let me be your lover, maybe if you tried then I would not bother,” she sings in “Everything Is Embarrassing”, 2012’s slow-burning synth-pop smash, co-written with Dev Hynes and Ariel Rechtshaid. It’s the perfect example of how Ferreira takes a pop song and twists it into new shapes, her lyrics subverting the typical lovesick plot of chart hits.

Music is not Ferreira’s only means of expression. She has also been acting since she was a young teen, debuting in Putty Hill and appearing in several films since, from Grant Singer’s cult indie short IRL to Eli Roth’s cannibal horror The Green Inferno. With new album Masochism dangling tantalisingly on the horizon, and her own film script in the making, Ferreira is quickly cementing herself as one of this generation’s most creative forces.

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