Matt Jackson

Set Designer

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Matt Jackson Dazed 100
Photography Jason Nocito, courtesy of Matt Jackson

Sets and props are Matt Jackson’s trades. Originally hailing from Vancouver, the acclaimed production designer is now based in New York, where he’s buillt up a reputation for a style which is characterised, in his own words, as “irreverent, formalist, elemental, baroque and surreal”. Last year he undertook a wealth of projects, including creating the backdrop to a surreal Kenzo show, a Calvin Klein ad, a film for Proenza Schouler and two cover stories for Dazed – Lorde for the summer 2015 issue and Lineisy Montero and Molly Bair for autumn/winter 2015.

As for 2016, Jackson says we can expect a book made up of still-life photography. A long-time collaborator of Ryan McGinley and Roe Ethridge, he plans to continue working with his friends, and spotlights young photographer Sean Vegezzi as one to watch for in the year ahead. “He makes really exciting work responding to the sanitisation and commodification of space in New York,” says Jackson. “Plus, he throws the best parties.”

Text Biju Belinky