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Jack Kilmer never really considered acting before making his career debut in Gia Coppola’s 2014 film Palo Alto, adapted from James Franco’s book of short stories. But his effortless and widely acclaimed performance signalled an inherent talent for the screen – perhaps an inevitability, bearing in mind his mother and father (Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley) are seasoned actors themselves. 

Playing young stoner Teddy in the California-based flick, Kilmer navigates suburban adolescence and teen love opposite fellow actress Emma Roberts. The now 20-year-old actor credits Coppola’s tale of (creepy) teacher/student relationships and youthful abandon with forcing him to work through his initial camera shyness. “Playing Teddy helped me outgrow certain character traits, like being introverted and awkward,” he says. “For me, the challenge was my fear of the camera. I just needed to get past it and relax.”

Kilmer’s charm isn’t confined to the screen, either. The LA-born actor and musician counts modelling as a third string to his bow, starring alongside Klara Kristin – the leading lady in Gaspar Noé’s sex-filled flick Love – in Saint Laurent’s SS15 campaign and walking for their SS16 show. Next up, the actor will showcase his darker side in highly-anticipated historical drama The Stanford Prison Experimentbased on the chilling true story. The Nice Guys, with Ryan Gosling, will transport Kilmer to 1970s Los Angeles for a mystery thriller centred on the porn industry. Pretty far from the washed-out streets of Palo Alto, then.

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