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Ta-Ha Dazed100
Photography Julot Bandit, courtesy of Ta-Ha

Ta-Ha’s signature pairing of crystal-clear vocals and rap-style delivery has seen her gain a cult following since the release of her 2014 EP, Tuareg Shawty. The French artist, who now resides in Tokyo, has coined a sound that melds mellow R&B with everyday realness, most evident in her standout track “Lil Bit”, which tells a tale of “grindin’… smokin’… and drinkin’ (a lil bit)”.

With musical influences collected from two different continents, Ta-Ha puts her signature sound down to a unique upbringing. “I think growing up in in the projects in France hardened something in my personality,” she says, “and living in Tokyo taught me how to be more serious about my work.”

Proudly championing a DIY approach to her art, Ta-Ha’s stock image-filled visuals showcase a kind of creativity that doesn’t need massive funds to fuel it. Following the likes of Swedish rapper Yung Lean, her cut-and-paste approach is central to a sound rooted in online culture. “You can do good music now even if your videos are low budget and homemade,” she says. “You can basically pull any images from the internet that you want.”

Next, Ta-Ha is perfecting her third EP, which she started developing last year: “My manager is teaching me to take my time on that one... I am an impatient human being!”

Listen to Ta-Ha’s favourites playlist here

Text Monique Todd