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In a male-dominated industry, female rappers are having a major moment – and Vancouver-born Tommy Genesis is the latest lyricist to burst on to the scene. Describing herself as a “playful demon angel baby”, the school skirt-wearing renegade raps with an adroit, mellow flow over trap beats. Last year, her ability caught the attention of Awful Records founder and Atlanta-based rapper/producer Father.

After leaving a string of voicemails essentially telling her to “get her shit together”, he teamed up with Genesis on “Vamp”, a haunting track that saw both artists serve up trippy wordplay backed by eerie production.

Now brought into the Awful Records fold, the young rapper’s debut album World Vision secured her spot as hip hop’s baby-faced deviant, featuring lines like, “Get some yoghurt-covered pretzels and a pound of a clit”, showing that she clearly has no time for niceties.

Standing out in a crowded industry is no mean feat, but Genesis is creating a sound that’s unmistakably her own. With no intentions to dilute her rawness, the rapper is set on developing and maintaining her leftfield sound. “I think if you try to be unique, you’re not,” she says. “Just like if you try to be the same, you can’t fit in. There are no rules. There are no requirements. The only way you can set yourself apart is to be yourself – genuinely, honestly you.” Genesis' second album, World Vision 2, is set for release in March this year. 

Text Lakeisha Goedluck