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Courtesy of Odwalla88

After meeting at school in 2009, Chloe Maratta and Flannery Silva became inseparable. “We play drums and samplers and speak over them,” says Maratta of the music she makes with Silva as Baltimore duo Odwalla88 – an unassuming way to describe their unique meld of mantra-like spoken-word and abstract electronic loops.

Signed to Brendan Fowler’s label VR/DM8H493, the pair count everything from “ballet” to “the sound of the machine when you’re inside getting an MRI” as inspirations. Between new wave, riot grrrl and noise, it’s debatable as to which category their music falls under – but it’s clear that they’re intent on breaking the mould. Lyrics such as “be you and do your own thing” from their track “What the” and “live, laugh, love” on “My Window Ambience” mark them out as musicians on a mission to empower.

Odwalla88 are also committed to infusing their work with eccentricity. Their debut album, Lilly 23, was released as a USB complete with an embroidered patch, while their first official music video saw the two posing next to shop mannequins and singing into flower heads. So, what is there to expect from them in 2016? “Grace and rage,” declares Maratta, before Silva chimes in, “More oddywally... Someone bring us to Europe!”

Here they select the bands and songs that have inspired them.

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