Theo Sion


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Courtesy of Theo Sion

Theo Sion is a London-based photographer who subverts the norm. Along with fashion-stylist heavyweight and fellow Dazed 100 star Alice Goddard, he is part of a photography-styling force to be reckoned with. Sion and Goddard run Hot and Cool, a fashion and art biannual magazine noted for its analogue approach and indifference to current trends, with their ninth issue featuring a series of portraits photographed by Jamie Hawkesworth and a portfolio of work by American figurative artist Alex Katz.

Sion’s own photography combines elements of sheer beauty with the seemingly mundane. Describing his aesthetic as “easy, breezy (and) beautiful”, the 25-year-old’s work has an effortlessness to it, whether it’s his upcoming shoot with Rose McGowan for our spring 2016 issue, or the Dazed 100’s Klara Kristin. King of the understatement, his models are rarely posed, and his compositions are never overthought. The locations he chooses to shoot in are often marked by their quintessential Britishness – like a field or a suburban back garden. His images often possess a slightly eerie and highly compelling quality, in a way that’s difficult to define.

Text Ted Stansfield