Corbin (AKA Spooky Black)


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If sadness has become a defining sound and aesthetic of the decade, its glittering prince is Corbin (FKA Spooky Black), the Minnesota-based oddball singer whose introspective R&B gems and underground rap collabs have made him one of this generation’s most unique voices. At just 17 years old, Corbin’s acute aversion to press attention has become an endless source of intrigue, helping him build a cult online following that continues to grow.

The track that first grabbed our attention was 2014’s “Without You”, a beautifully weird, codeine-coated jam that showcased Corbin’s smooth-as-cream vocals alongside a video of him exploring the wilderness in a do-rag, silver chain and turtleneck. He followed that with “Reason”, a forlorn, heart-tugging expression of bitterness and lost love that confirmed the singer’s undeniable lyrical talents. “I see the blade in your hand,” he croons, his voice deepening as the song takes a dark twist. “What you waiting for?” Most recently, the young artist released Couch Potato, a collaborative EP with rapper/producer Bobby Raps that scattered his lilting vocals over bright, electronic production.

Naturally despondent and sensitive in style, Corbin has become the mouthpiece for isolated teens across the internet, his strangeness only magnifying his ice-clear brilliance. With his future plans kept characteristically close to his chest, we can only sit staring at the screen in anticipation of what he’ll do next.

Text Daisy Walker