Coco Gordon Moore


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Coco Gordon Moore
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“Where did the cat go?”

“Today I broke a chair.”

“Today I spent 14 hours in my room on my computer.”

We knew very little about Dazed cover star Coco Gordon Moore prior to her first ever in-depth interview last year, but the keen observer might find such random phrases on the emerging artist’s paintings, which poke at the everyday mundanity of millennial life. A School of the Art Institute of Chicago student possessing enviable cool, the daughter of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore defies the caricature that tends to dominate tabloids when it comes to rock-god progeny. Instead, she’s carving a career away from the legacy of her parents. “I’ve seen first-hand what fame can do to a person, and I have no interest in it,” she says. 

While she is determined to keep her personal life private, the 21-year-old nonetheless has huge expectations piled on her – but she prefers to field questions on feminism (for her, simply, “equal rights and equal pay”) on her own terms. “People expect me to be really feminist because my mom is such a feminist icon,” she says. “It’s a subject I’ve stayed away from, or tried to not say too much about, just because it’s complicated and there are so many views on what it is and what we should do about it.” 

Now, the young artist is preparing to graduate in March, after which she plans to move to NYC. To see her work in real life, you’ll need to head to Rozz Tox Art in Massachusetts, where Gordon Moore will exhibit in June.

Text Monique Todd