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“I’m concerned with ways to encourage young females to understand that your appearance can be important and empowering, but there can be just as much significance placed on what you think or do or create,” says Grace Miceli.

In 2011, the Chicago-born creative launched Art Baby Gallery, the glittering online exhibition space celebrating multimedia artists and their digital art. The platform emerged to champion underrepresented voices and underappreciated subject matter, an agenda that has been steadily gaining support across the net. Think self-representation, narcissism, internet love, addiction and queer identity, as explored by more than 40 girls (and the occasional boy) to date (including Insta-sensation and #BBHMM co-star Sanam Sindhi). “These are people who I think are making work that is current, amusing, poignant and exciting, conversations that are missing from most of the larger institutions,” Miceli told Dazed last year. “It’s so important that those of us who feel underrepresented in the arts support each other, because no one else is going to do it.”

Staying true to this belief, Miceli launched Art Baby’s first permanent gallery space – in collaboration with Alt Space – in Brooklyn this summer. While the power of their online presence is undeniable, this next step marks an exciting new chapter for the collective. “It has been amazing to have an online space for the past five years,” says Miceli, “but I’m really looking forward to continued growth, having the chance to build the Art Baby community and offering a bigger, more supportive platform for all of the artists we are involved with.”

Text Monique Todd