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“She said I wouldn’t graduate high school and that I would be a juvenile delinquent!” laughs Hollywood renaissance man Miles Teller, remembering the off-base prediction his second grade teacher made about his future prospects. Needless to say, the 27-year-old dodged juvey. The actor’s rare talent is to please all audiences, whether bros (frathouse comedies like Project X), arthouse patrons (Rabbit Hole) or multiplex crowds (as Mr Fantastic in Marvel’s forthcoming The Fantastic Four). 2015 looks to be even bigger, with an Oscar-tipped lead in music drama Whiplash, about an obsessive jazz drummer one mistake away from being thrashed by his strict teacher. “I had a good amount of bloody blisters,” he shrugs, “but at the end of the day, you live and die by the performances you’re giving. You keep doing the same thing and people stop watching.”

Hollywood renaissance man Miles Teller’s most intense roles

Leaving blood, sweat and tears on the downbeat for upcoming drama Whiplash

Turning on the bad-boy charm in the odd-couple drama The Spectacular Now

A surreal debut in the intimate indie Rabbit Hole

Twitter: @Miles_Teller

Miles wears cotton long sleeved t-shirt by Hugo Boss, watch by Nixon; grooming Catherine Furniss at Celestine Agency

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