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Gyrating ghost babies, demonic strippers and beautiful, incidental moments of stillness: video artist Kanda’s work is truly the stuff of nightmares. Creating visuals for Arca and FKA twigs, he has also shown at MoMA PS1 and Hood by Air’s SS15 show. Slowly but surely, the corners of his subconscious are inching their way into the mainstream. “Part of my goal is to present ‘disgusting’ things as something that is beautiful,” he says. “To question what it’s OK to call disgusting or ugly: it’s confrontation on a personal level.”

The Kult of Kanda

His demonic stripper for Arca’s “Thievery”

Contorting chromatic bodies for FKA twigs’ “How's That”

Dancing with babes in Arca collaboration “Trauma”

The strange vapours of 2008’s “Twin”, soundtracked by Arca

Twitter: @jessekanda

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