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From striking nude portraits of his mother (see a clothed shot of Engman Sr above) to contorted models for Dazed, Chicago-born Engman is pulling the rug from under conventional fashion photography. Colourful and high-contrast, his work displays a real flair for the off-kilter, and overflows with playful touches like models clutching plastic shopping bags (rather than the latest accessories) and the edges of rolled-up backdrops cheekily left in shot.

What was your defining pop culture moment of 2014?

Charlie Engman: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers.

How would you sum up what you do in a sentence?

Charlie Engman: Look and share.

What’s your favourite song and movie of 2014?

Charlie Engman: “Runaway” by Electric Youth and Bears by Disney.

How do you think style and pop culture will change in 2015?

Charlie Engman: People will get bored faster, and everyone will wear jeans, because what else is there?

What new skill did you learn this year?

Charlie Engman: Pushing past regret.

What’s the most surprising thing we’d find out if we looked at your phone?

Charlie Engman: So many puppy pics. But maybe that’s not surprising.

Instagram: @charlieengman

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