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Sadness came into its own as an aesthetic and a lifestyle in 2014, and its overlord was the Swedish rapper Yung Lean. Like a more realist version of Odd Future’s cartoon-ification of suburbia, his #sadboys crew showcase a style of the ordinary made bold and boast-worthy: see the bucket hats, sports jackets and barren landscapes of their DIY music videos. “The industry has never been interesting,” the Stockholm-based 18-year-old testifies. “It’s the people who create that are interesting.” Currently playing packed venues on a US tour, this boy may not be sad that much longer.

What was your defining pop culture moment of 2014?

Yung Lean: Seeing Yung Sherman and Justin Bieber in the same room.

What are your favourite songs of 2014?

Yung Lean: Thaiboy Digital, “Tiger”; Chief Keef, “Gucci Gang”; Yung Lean, “Volt”.

What new skill did you learn this year?

Yung Lean: Don’t pop too much molly in Miami.

Who’s an unsung cultural hero that you discovered this year?

Yung Lean: White Armor.

Who should have been at number one on the Dazed 100?

Yung Lean: Tadoe of Glo Gang.

Twitter: @yungleann | Instagram: @yunglean2001

Lambskin top by Bottega Veneta, polyester jacket (worn underneath) by Our Legacy, t-shirt (worn underneath) by Ashley Marc Hovelle

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