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Continuing to warp, glitch and push the boundaries of digital fashion imagery (check out this issue’s trippy editorial “Out of the Blue”), the Belgian photographer and filmmaker recently teamed up with Beyoncé for “Ghost” and “Mine”, collabed with Louis Vuitton and had one of his films projected in Brussels’ national opera – complete with a live orchestra. For 2015, he is working on a new production for the opera, as well as an exhibition for the 30th anniversary of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography. 

How would you sum up what you do in a sentence?

Pierre Debusschere: Live.

What’s your favourite song and movie of 2014?

Pierre Debusschere: Come Down to Us” by Burial, and Under the Skin by Jonathan Glazer.

How do you think style and pop culture will change in 2015?

Pierre Debusschere: For the better, I hope.

In 15 words, sum up what we can expect from you in 2015.

Pierre Debusschere: Images, colours, sounds, film, fashion, opera, music, surprises, interrogations, errors, sadness, happiness, tears, smiles, emotions.

What’s the most exciting thing about the music, film and fashion industries today?

Pierre Debusschere: To combine the three.

What new skill did you learn this year?

Pierre Debusschere: Love.

What’s the most surprising thing we’d find out if we looked at your phone?

Pierre Debusschere: My screengrabs.

Who should have been at number one on the Dazed 100?

Pierre Debusschere: Matthieu Blazy.

Instagram: @pierredebusschere

Lead image: cotton jacket Jil Sander; frayed denim trousers by Asai Andrew Ta; patent boots by Richard Malone; hair Alex Brownsell at D+V Management using Bleach London; make-up Isamaya Ffrench at Streeters using M.A.C Pro; model Adrienne Jüliger at Viva; photographic assistants Ismaël Moumin, Marius Uhlig; styling assistants Kelly-Ann Hughes, Isabelle Sayer; hair assistant Georgina Mauger; make-up assistants Josh Wilks, Chloé Le Drezen; casting Noah Shelley

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